The pursuit of homeostasis in all aspects of life is a common intrinsic motivation of humanity. Having that in mind, the assembling of pieces and fragments with the intention to leave some things up to happenstance guides most of my creative process. Finding the balance between contrasting visual elements such as geometric shapes and lines in conjunction with organic forms or mixing digital and physical components in various processes. Paired with a fascination for investigating the boundaries of various creative processes and creating new dynamics by mixing mediums has created an endless opportunity for experimentation and collaboration.

Tia Erin is an experimental artist living and working in South Dakota. Her work is a reflection of her constant exploration of mediums and motivations. Obtaining her associate degree in Photography from Northwest College in Powell, WY started a journey that led to Spearfish, South Dakota where she would begin her BFA in Photography with an Art Management minor at Black Hills State University. Later adding BFAs in Studio Art and Graphic Design. Being able to work with a flexible modality has led to an eccentric portfolio spanning digital, 3-D, traditional, and alternative process artworks. 

She has exhibited in several spaces in South Dakota and Wyoming including the Dahl Art Center in Rapid City, Matthews Opera House, and Black Hills State University, as well as Northwest College. At Northwest College, she received the Student of the Year award for the class of 2018 and Best of Studio Illustration that same year in the Student Juried Exhibit. In the future work will continue to be exhibited around the Black Hills and beyond. A mixed-media cyanotype solo exhibit is in progress and is intended to open at the Lead-Deadwood Art Center and move to various locations paired with cyanotype workshops.

Believing in the connection that art can influence, one of her priorities is building community. Moving to Lead, South Dakota in 2020 created a network of artists, educators, facilitators, and supporters of the arts in the Black Hills. In the summer of 2022, she began working with the Matthews Opera House and Lead-Deadwood Art Center to assist with exhibits and community events such as Spearfish Festival in the Park and Lead Live. Looking to the future, Tia is ready to continue her exploration of art in her own studio practices as well as work with her community to host accessible creative environments.